Hyung-Keun You

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Stem cells are used for the investigation of developmental processes at both cellular and organism levels and offer tremendous potentials for clinical applications as an unlimited source for transplantation. Gangliosides, sialic acid-conjugated glycosphingolipids, play important regulatory roles in cell proliferation and differentiation. However, their(More)
Gangliosides are sialic acid-conjugated glycosphingolipids that are believed to regulate cell differentiation as well as the signals of several signal molecules, including epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFR). These compounds are localized in a glycosphingolipid-enriched microdomain on the cell surface and regulated by the glycosphingolipid composition.(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the healing pattern of the mucous membrane after tooth extraction necessitated by periodontal disease in the maxillary sinus. METHODS One hundred and three patients with 119 maxillary sinuses were investigated. Before implant placement, cone-beam computed tomography (CT) scanning was performed. The causes of extraction, the time(More)
PURPOSE Few epidemiologic studies have investigated aggressive periodontitis in Koreans, but such studies of disease prevalence and other clinical characteristics would be invaluable in providing proper treatment. The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of aggressive periodontitis and to measure the extent of associated periodontal breakdown. (More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Aralia continentalis has been used in traditional Korean medicine for dental diseases such as toothache, dental caries, periodontal disease and gingivitis, and also has been used for neuralgia, analgesia, sweating, and as an antirheumatic. AIM OF THE STUDY The present study was designed to investigate the inhibitory effect(More)
PURPOSE The concept of gingival biotype has been used as a predictor of periodontal therapy outcomes since the 1980s. In the present study, prospective and controlled experiments were performed to compare periodontal pocket depth (PPD) reduction and gingival shrinkage (GSH) after scaling and root planing (SRP) according to gingival biotype. METHODS(More)
Sophorae Radix, the dried roots of Sophora flavescens AITON (Leguminosae), has been used in Oriental traditional medicine for treatment of skin and mucosal ulcers, sores, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, diarrhea, inflammation and arrhythmia. In the present study, we examine the effect of the aqueous extract of Sophorae Radix (AESR) on cell proliferation and(More)
TGF-β/BMPs have widely recognized roles in mammalian development, including in bone and tooth formation. To define the functional relevance of the autonomous requirement for TGF-β signaling in mouse tooth development, we analyzed osteocalcin-Cre mediated Tgfbr2 (OC(Cre)Tgfbr2(fl/fl)) conditional knockout mice, which lacks functional TGF-β receptor II(More)
In this study, we fabricated 3D porous scaffold by ‘Wire-Network Molding’ technique with alginate gel which has been used for cartilage regeneration because of the chemical similarity. Firstly, prepared ETPCS-S wires with size of rectangular cross section 600 μm by 600 μm, 400 μm by 400 μm, respectively, and the wires are inserted in designed mold.(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this pilot study was to examine the kinetics of alterations in alveolar ridge width and height following tooth extraction with and without ridge preservation, using anorganic bovine bone mineral (ABBM) and a novel device (SocketKAP(™) ) designed for obturation of socket orifice. MATERIALS AND METHODS Maxillary left and right PM1(More)