Hyung K. Song

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PURPOSE Among patients over 50 years of age, separate vertical wiring alone may be insufficient for fixation of fractures of the inferior pole of the patella. Therefore, mechanical and clinical studies were performed in patients over the age of 50 to test the strength of augmentation of separate vertical wiring with cerclage wire (i.e., combined technique).(More)
− − − −An experimental study was performed for the recovery of CO 2 from flue gas of the electric power plant by pressure swing adsorption process. Activated carbon was used as an adsorbent. The equilibrium adsorption iso-therms of pure component and breakthrough curves of their mixture (CO 2 : N 2 : O 2 =17 : 79 : 4 vol%) were measured. Pressure(More)
PURPOSE Presence of a cephalomedullary nail (CMN) in the medullary canal has been thought as advantageous in the control of femoral neck shortening (FNS) and lag screw sliding in trochanteric fracture compared to extramedullary fixation system. However, researches on the factors that influence the degree of FNS after cephalomedullary nailing are lacking. (More)
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