Hyung Jun Cho

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Cystoid macular edema in its various forms can be considered one of the leading causes of central vision loss in the developed world. It occurs in a wide variety of pathologic conditions and represents the final common pathway of several basic processes. Therapeutic approaches to cystoid macular edema depend on a clear understanding of its contributing(More)
Foam cell formation from monocyte-derived macrophages is a hallmark of atherosclerotic lesions. Aspects of this process can be recapitulated in vitro by exposing M-CSF-induced or platelet factor 4 (CXCL4)-induced macrophages to oxidized (ox) or minimally modified (mm) low density lipoprotein (LDL). We measured gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear(More)
Recently, several new ophthalmic NSAID products have been introduced for commercial use in the United States. The purpose of this review is to briefly overview the ophthalmic NSAIDs currently in use and to discuss the management of postoperative ocular inflammation and pain following cataract surgery with a particular focus on bromfenac ophthalmic solution(More)
Irreversible electroporation (IRE) is an emerging focal therapy which is demonstrating utility in the treatment of unresectable tumors where thermal ablation techniques are contraindicated. IRE uses ultra-short duration, high-intensity monopolar pulsed electric fields to permanently disrupt cell membranes within a well-defined volume. Though preliminary(More)
Although the Internet is an important tool in our daily life, the control of Internet use is necessary to address difficult problems. This study set out with the aim of assessing the cognitive control of affective events in Internet gaming disorder (IGD) and has examined the influence of IGD on neural activities with regard to swear words in young(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Ciprofloxacin is considered to be a safe and effective treatment for acute infectious colitis. However, this drug may cause drug-induced pancreatitis, albeit rarely. METHODS From March 2007 to February 2012, we studied 227 patients who were hospitalized for infectious colitis at St. Mary's Hospital. All of the patients received(More)
Although the relationship between malignancy risk with systemic sclerosis (SSc) has been inconclusive, there are some previous studies for a positive correlation. Most patients with SSc have some degree of lung parenchymal involvement in the form of interstitial thickening and fibrosis. Interstitial lung disease is the most common pulmonary manifestation of(More)
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