Hyung Jin Kim

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"Skills and Expertise" is a data-driven feature on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional online social network, which allows members to tag themselves with topics representing their areas of expertise. In this work, we present our experiences developing this large-scale topic extraction pipeline, which includes constructing a folksonomy of skills and(More)
Multidimensional data generated by members on websites has seen massive growth in recent years. OLAP is a well-suited solution for mining and analyzing this data. Providing insights derived from this analysis has become crucial for these websites to give members greater value. For example, LinkedIn, the largest professional social network, provides its(More)
A platform business, such as Apple Inc.'s App Store, refers to a Web-based business in which anyone can participate and make profits by taking advantage of, with few restrictions, resources and infrastructures of the host firm operating the platform. Such businesses are enabled and thrived primarily by participation of third-parties in the business value(More)
Based on the assumption that people in same professional area have similar literacy style, we inferred that similar literary styles can be differentiated by unique terms or expressions they use within the class. In this project, we concentrated on utilizing as many features of various characteristics as possible, and extracting the most meaningful ones from(More)