Hyung J. Kim

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Three missense SURF1 mutations identified in patients with Leigh syndrome (LS) were evaluated in the yeast homolog Shy1 protein. Introduction of two of the Leigh mutations, F(249)T and Y(344)D, in Shy1 failed to significantly attenuate the function of Shy1 in cytochrome c oxidase (CcO) biogenesis as seen with the human mutations. In contrast, a G(137)E(More)
The sequential flow of electrons in the respiratory chain, from a low reduction potential substrate to O(2), is mediated by protein-bound redox cofactors. In mitochondria, hemes-together with flavin, iron-sulfur, and copper cofactors-mediate this multi-electron transfer. Hemes, in three different forms, are used as a protein-bound prosthetic group in(More)
The synthesis of the heme a cofactor used in cytochrome c oxidase (CcO) is dependent on the sequential action of heme o synthase (Cox10) and heme a synthase (Cox15). The active state of Cox10 appears to be a homo-oligomeric complex, and formation of this complex is dependent on the newly synthesized CcO subunit Cox1 and the presence of an early Cox1(More)
Based on the assumption that people in same professional area have similar literacy style, we inferred that similar literary styles can be differentiated by unique terms or expressions they use within the class. In this project, we concentrated on utilizing as many features of various characteristics as possible, and extracting the most meaningful ones from(More)
In many open-source projects and user-generated-content websites, one challenge is matching contributors with tasks so that contributors are able to work on things on which they have the most expertise or interests, thus increasing their productivity. In this project, we study one particular domain, Wikipedia, an online collaborative encyclopedia. Our goal(More)
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