Hyung Goo Park

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We report near-field focusing phenomena depending on the radius of curvature (ROC) and the refractive index of a microscale solid immersion lens (m-SIL) by finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) calculation. We show the clear effect of the ROC and the refractive index on the focal length and the focal-spot size, indicating the estimated resolution of the(More)
A reduced graphene oxide (RGO) based glucose sensor using a radio frequency (RF) signal is demonstrated. An RGO with outstanding electrical property was employed as the interconnector material between signal electrodes in an RF electric circuit, and it was functionalized with phenylbutyric acid (PBA) as a linker molecule to bind glucoses. By adding glucose(More)
Chemical growth of mixed cobalt-nickel hydroxides (CoxNi1-x(OH)2), decorated on graphene foam (GF) with desirable three-dimensional (3D) interconnected porous structure as electrode and its potential energy storage application is discussed. The nanostructured CoxNi1-x(OH)2 films with different Ni:Co (x) compositions on GF are prepared by using the chemical(More)
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