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BACKGROUND AND AIM Both depression and cardiovascular autonomic dysfunctions, such as orthostatic hypotension, supine hypertension, and the absence of normal nocturnal blood pressure (BP) fall ("nondipping"), occur relatively commonly in Parkinson disease (PD); however, the relationship between depression and cardiovascular autonomic abnormalities has not(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE White matter hyperintensities (WMHs) in the cholinergic pathways are associated with cognitive performance in Alzheimer's disease (AD) and Parkinson disease dementia (PDD). This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between loss of white matter cholinergic pathways and cognitive function in patients with AD, diffuse Lewy body(More)
BACKGROUND Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavioral disorder (RBD), orthostatic hypotension (OH), and cardiac sympathetic denervation were commonly observed in PD and are related in both the premotor and motor periods. This study is intended to evaluate if the OH and cardiac sympathetic denervation found in PD are associated with RBD. METHODS Among 94(More)
BACKGROUND Impaired renal function and proteinuria have been associated with cognitive impairment and dementia. Chronic kidney disease is considered to be an independent risk factor for Lewy body spectrum disorders (LBD). However, few studies have mentioned an association between proteinuria and cognition in LBD. We investigated the relationship between(More)
Extranigral non-motor signs precede the first motor manifestations of Parkinson’s disease by many years in some patients. The presence of α-synuclein deposition within colon tissues in patients with Parkinson’s disease can aid in identifying early neuropathological changes prior to disease onset. In the present study, we evaluated the roles of non-motor(More)
Questionnaire-based analyses show that patients with essential tremor (ET) may have several autonomic dysfunctions, especially in the cardiovascular and genitourinary domains; yet the laboratory correlates of autonomic dysfunction in ET are unknown and have not been studied. Herein, we explored whether sympathetic and parasympathetic functions differed(More)
OBJECTIVE Autonomic symptoms are commonly observed in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) and often limit the activities of daily living. The Scale for Outcomes in Parkinson's disease-Autonomic (SCOPA-AUT) was developed to evaluate and quantify autonomic symptoms in PD. The goal of this study was to translate the original SCOPA-AUT, which was written in(More)