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Radiatively generated maximal mixing scenario for the Higgs boson mass and the least fine-tuned minimal supersymmetric standard model.
It is argued that given the experimental constraints on the Higgs boson mass the leastfine-tuned parameter space of the minimal supersymmetric standard model is with negative top-squark masses squared at the grand unification scale, which alleviates constraints on possible models for supersymmetry breaking in which fine-tuning is absent. Expand
Running of Gauge Couplings in AdS 5 via Deconstruction
Running of gauge couplings on a slice of AdS5 is examined using the deconstruction setup. Logarithmic running instead of (linear) power law is justified when the cutoff is lower than the curvatureExpand
Solving the Hierarchy Problem at Reheating with a Large Number of Degrees of Freedom.
We present a new solution to the electroweak hierarchy problem. We introduce N copies of the standard model with varying values of the Higgs mass parameter. This generically yields a sector whoseExpand
Unification in 5D SO(10)
Gauge unification in a five dimensional supersymmetric SO(10) model compactified on an orbifold S1/(Z2 ? Z2') is studied. One orbifolding reduces N = 2 supersymmetry to N = 1, and the other breaksExpand
Charge traps in lead-halide perovskites with different grain sizes
It is crucially required to understand charge traps in CH3NH3PbI3 perovskites, which severely affect the charge recombination mechanism and hence have a critical impact on photovoltaic performance.Expand
Radiative electroweak symmetry breaking model perturbative all the way to the Planck scale.
We discuss an extension of the standard model by fields not charged under standard model gauge symmetry in which the electroweak symmetry breaking is driven by the Higgs quartic coupling itselfExpand
Hiding an extra dimension
We propose a new geometry and/or topology of a single extra dimension whose Kaluza-Klein excitations do appear at much higher scale than the inverse of the length/volume. For a single extra dimenionExpand
Gaugino mass in AdS space
We study supersymmetric QED in AdS(4) with massless matter. At 1-loop the ultra-violet regulator of the theory generates a contribution to the gaugino mass that is naively inconsistent with unbrokenExpand
The $\mu$-problem and axion in gauge mediation
We revisit the idea of generating the Higgs {mu} parameter through a spontaneously broken Peccei-Quinn (PQ) symmetry in a gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking scenario. For the messenger scale ofExpand
Photovoltaic Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells with Different Grain Sizes.
Perovskite solar cells exhibit improved photovoltaic parameters with increasing perovskites grain size, resulting in a higher power conversion efficiency and a larger open-circuit voltage. Expand