Hyundoo Hwang

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This paper reports a lens-integrated liquid crystal display (LCD)-based optoelectronic tweezers (OET) system for interactive manipulation of polystyrene microspheres and blood cells by optically induced dielectrophoretic force. When a dynamic image pattern is projected into a specific area of a photoconductive layer in an OET, virtual electrodes are(More)
This paper describes a system to study how small physical perturbations can affect bacterial community behavior in unexpected ways through modulation of diffusion and convective transport of chemical communication molecules and resources. A culture environment that mimics the chemically open characteristic of natural bacterial habitats but with user-defined(More)
We describe a simple and versatile method for bonding thermoplastics to elastomeric polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) at room temperature. The bonding of various thermoplastics including polycarbonate (PC), cyclic olefin copolymer (COC), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), and polystyrene (PS), to PDMS has been demonstrated at room temperature. An irreversible bonding(More)
A sandwich immunoassay is a powerful tool for identifying a specific substance in a biological sample. However, its heterogeneous strategy always requires repetitive liquid handlings and long processing time. Here an optoelectrofluidic immunoassay platform for simple, fast, and automated detection of human tumor marker based on surface-enhanced Raman(More)
The soft lithographic technique is a collection of simple and cost-effective patterning techniques which applies an elastomeric stamp to transfer a nano/micro-scale pattern. Patterning biological materials using soft lithography provides procedurally simple control of the surface chemistry and the cell environments. However, conventional methods for(More)
This report presents a multilevel microfluidic platform for robust construction of hydrogel scaffold in microchannels and its application to three dimensional (3D) multicellular co-cultures and assays. A new rapid prototyping method based on soft lithography using multi-layered adhesive tapes is also introduced. We have successfully cultured MCF-7 breast(More)
We demonstrate rapid manipulation and selective concentration of microparticles using AC electrokinetics such as dielectrophoresis (DEP) and AC electro-osmosis (ACEO) in an optoelectrofluidic platform based on a liquid crystal display (LCD). When 10 V bias at 10 kHz was applied to the optoelectrofluidic device, only the 1 microm-diameter polystyrene(More)
This paper presents a cost-effective, rapid, and fully automated lab-on-a-disc for simultaneous detection of multiple protein biomarkers in raw samples such as whole blood or whole saliva. For the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, here, a novel centrifugal microfluidic layout was designed to conduct the simultaneous detection of high sensitivity(More)
In this study, we describe a novel platform based on centrifugal microfluidics for simultaneous determination of nitrite, nitrate and nitrite, ammonium, orthophosphate, and silicate in water samples. All processes from sample metering to detection were integrated and automatically conducted on a rotating disc-shaped device. Fluid transfer was controlled by(More)