Hyunchong Cho

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The wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are special network which has purpose of gathering information in certain area. The reliability is an important factor in the WSNs for transferring the information to the destination. However, the reliability is decreased while multi-hop transmission of the information because a node which composes the WSNs has limited(More)
The real-time data dissemination is based on a minimum delivery speed of each hop on the end-to-end shortest distance in order to ensure to reach the destination within the desired time deadline in hop-by-hop fashion. In other words, the schemes depend not only on single hop-delay, but also on the distance between the source and destination. However, the(More)
In geographical network systems, face routing is the unique recovery solution for local minimum problem. A node in local minimum could not choose its neighbor node closer to the destination. Since the face routing is based on novel graph named planar graph, the nodes search a link between adjacent nodes in the graph and send their data via the link. During(More)
In wireless sensor networks, one of the most important application is tracking diffusive and large-scale phenomena, called continuous object. A number of sources from the large size of a continuous object bring huge communication overhead that former studies have to deal with. Meanwhile, recent application scenarios, such as forest fire suppression by(More)
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