Hyuncheol Jeong

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The malicious botnets are evaluated as the serious threat of the Internet society in future. As the botnets are more clever and artful, the detection of botnets is not easy. Recently malicious botnets evolve into HTTP botnets out of typical IRC botnets and it is difficult to response effectively with existing methods which are using DNS traffic. In this(More)
Recently, a malware is growing rapidly and the number of malware applies various techniques to protect itself from the anti-virus solution detection. The reason of this phenomenon is that a longer resident on an infected host guarantees the more profit. As a result, these many protection techniques are applied to a malware, a representative of those is a(More)
Countermeasures against botnet, which has been recognized as the Internet¿s biggest threat, are urgently needed to create a safe Internet environment. However, the current technology lags behind the evolution of botnet, and, unlike in the past, mutual cooperation among ISPs and countries is essential. As botnet is distributed internationally rather than in(More)
Recently, the number of Malware incidents has been rapidly increasing but we are too short of experts to handle the situation. Fortunately, most Malware instances are a mutation of an existing one, so it might be effective to use an auto-analysis system to observe a specific Malware. The auto-analysis system for Malware uses both the dynamic and static(More)
VoIP is more and more popular around the world. The number of residential VoIP subscribers worldwide is predicted to rise to 197.2 million in 2010, up more than 40x from 4.8 million in 2004. But VoIP security threats are both inherent in data networks and unique to VoIP such as eavesdropping, denial of service (DoS), service abuse, and so on. Especially,(More)
Due to the sensitivity of the collected data in Ubiquitous Sensor Networks, security becomes the top priority issue for the USNs to be widely deployed. To enhance the security, various key management schemes have been proposed so that the messages among the sensor nodes can be encrypted. Especially, the Polynomial based key management scheme is famous(More)
Botnet are network threats that generally occur from cyber attacks, which results in serious threats to our network assets and organization’s properties. Botnets are collections of compromised computers (Bots) which are remotely controlled by its originator (BotMaster) under a common Command-and-Control (C&C) infrastructure. Among the various forms of(More)
With the population of an internet telephony, the security issues of a SIP application service is focused on, currently. For example, VoIP is easier to access than existing PSTN, and more exposed at many security threats. However, there is not enough monitoring and attack detecting devices, yet. In this paper, we propose analysis factors, a detection(More)
After 3GPP had selected SIP as the signaling protocol for IMS, it is expected that SIP plays an important role in IP multimedia services. But, since SIP-based services are offered over the internet, there are security threats inherited from the internet environment. There are also new security threats because new techniques have been introduced to deliver(More)