Hyunbum Kim

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Ginseng has been shown to have memory-improving effects in human. However, little is known about the active components and the molecular mechanisms underlying its effects. Recently, we isolated novel lysophosphatidic acids (LPAs)-ginseng protein complex derived from ginseng, gintonin. Gintonin activates G protein-coupled LPA receptors with high affinity.(More)
Over years, cloud computing has been rapidly changing the shape of modern computing environment. The problem of how to keep the confidentiality of user data against malicious entities including a cloud service provider has been recognized as a significant issue. This problem becomes even more complicated if a data is shared among multiple users. Recently,(More)
Artemisia princeps (AP) is a flowering perennial used as a traditional medicine and dietary supplement across East Asia. No study has yet assessed its effects on synaptic plasticity in hippocampus and much less in a model of ovarian hormone deficiency. We examined the influence of chronic oral AP ethanol extract treatment in ovariectomized rats on the(More)
ESP-102, an extract from Angelica gigas, Saururus chinensis, and Schisandra chinensis, has been used as herbal medicine and dietary supplement in Korea. Despite the numerous bioactivities in vitro and in vivo studies, its effects on neuronal networks remain elusive. To address the neuronal effect, we examined synaptic plasticity in organotypic hippocampal(More)