Hyunbum Kim

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We consider the design of wireless sensor and actor networks. Sensors are network nodes with a fixed location and limited transmission power. Actors are mobile nodes that may relocate their position to provide coverage to the sensor nodes. We consider the problem of relocating K actors from initial random locations to locations where every sensor node is(More)
Articular cartilage damage is a persistent and increasing problem with the aging population. Strategies to achieve complete repair or functional restoration remain a challenge. Photopolymerizing-based hydrogels have long received an attention in the cartilage tissue engineering, due to their unique bioactivities, flexible method of synthesis, range of(More)
Over years, cloud computing has been rapidly changing the shape of modern computing environment. The problem of how to keep the confidentiality of user data against malicious entities including a cloud service provider has been recognized as a significant issue. This problem becomes even more complicated if a data is shared among multiple users. Recently,(More)
Wireless sensor and actor networks (WSANs) consist of fixed sensor nodes and mobile actor nodes. Data is generated at the sensor nodes, and collected at the more powerful actor nodes. We consider the problem of finding the location for K actor nodes such that every sensor node is within d-hop from an actor node, where K and d are parameters of the problem.(More)
Wireless sensor and actor networks (WSANs) are composed of static sensor nodes and movable actors. We assume actors have a random initial location in the field. The objective is to move each actor to a location such that every sensor node is within one transmission hop from some actor. Because sensor nodes have limited energy, finding actor locations that(More)
A subset of sensors in wireless sensor networks provides barrier-coverage over an area of interest if the sensor nodes are dividing the area into two regions such that any object moving from one region to another is guaranteed to be detected by a sensor. In many practical scenarios, it may be desirable to detect an intruder that enters the region through(More)