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This study examined the influences of personal, social, and environmental-structural factors on the perceived health of Korean adolescents. Using a two-stage generalized hierarchical logistic linear multilevel model, this study found that general high school enrollment, younger age, normal weight, and frequent exercise increased the likelihood of a positive(More)
From several commercialized games the technique of changing facial expressions is imported, and a design method of a game character for the player's empathy is expected to be diversified in the future. In this paper, as a design method of a game character for the player's empathy, this thesis makes walking motion for the game character applied with(More)
The main purpose of this study is to assess whether the physical health of Korean adolescents in out-of-home care is affected directly by traumatic childhood experiences and/or indirectly through depression and anxiety. Study participants are 460 adolescents who are included in the first and second wave of the Panel Study on Korean Children in Out-of-Home(More)
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