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The goal of General Game Playing (GGP) has been to develop computer programs that can perform well across various game types. It is natural for human game players to transfer knowledge from games they already know how to play to other similar games. GGP research attempts to design systems that work well across different game types, including unknown new(More)
Thermal Bergman cyclization of Pt(II) dialkynylporphyrins reveals a marked reduction in the cyclization temperature relative to the free base and Zn(II) derivatives. In contrast, photogenerated (3)ππ* population produces no detectable Bergman photocyclization, suggesting that the photoreactivities of the related free base and Zn(II) derivatives occurs via(More)
We report the error rate improvement of super-resolution near field structure (Super-RENS) write-once read-many (WORM) disk at a blue laser optical system. (Laser wavelength 405 nm, numerical aperture 0.85) We used a disk of which carrier level of 75 nm is improved. We controlled the equalization (EQ) characteristics and used the adaptive write strategy and(More)
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