HyunGyu Kim

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Many bio-inspired robots have been developed. Generally, these robots can drive in one environment. It is hard to drive in multiple environments. Therefore, in this study, we developed a robotic platform that can drive in two environments: on the water and the ground. We made a hexapedal robotic platform and analyzed its locomotion when the robot drove on(More)
Many highly dynamic novel mobile robots have been developed being inspired by animals. In this study, we are inspired by a basilisk lizard's ability to run and steer on water surface for a hexapedal robot. The robot has an active tail with a circular plate, which the robot rotates to steer on water. We dynamically modeled the platform and conducted(More)
Wall-climbing robot research is increasingly popular for cleaning, painting, and repairing high-rise buildings. In this study, a compliant wall-climbing robotic platform for various curvatures is presented. In order to adapt to flat and curved surfaces with a single configuration, the robotic platform uses a compliance mechanism with eight legs. A parallel(More)
Large-scale offshore floating wind turbines represent one of the most significant engineering challenges in wind energy at present. Since current fixed-bottom technology can support deployment up to water depths of about 30 m (shallow waters), the technology is now moving towards deeper waters, where the wind resource is extremely abundant. In this regard,(More)
Robots are designed to drive in various kind of environment but the nature environments are very complex. The purpose of this research is to design the robot for amphibious locomotion based on hexapedal mechanism. Prototype is assembled and various experiments are performed for the prototype. In the experiment on the water-surface, we measure rolling angle(More)
To fully complete the mission, it is essential for field robots to obtain the ability of overcoming various obstacles. Because of the various scale and shapes of the stairs, it is the obstacle which is the most easily access but hard to overcome. Therefore, stair climbing is essential to field robots. In this research, we set the climbing stairs with high(More)
The dynamic analysis has been considered as one of the important design methods to design robots. In this research, we derive dynamic equation of hexapedal water-running robot to design compliant joints. The compliant joints that connect three bodies will be used to improve mobility and stability of water-running motion's pitch behavior. We considered all(More)
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