HyunCheol Jeong

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The malicious botnets are evaluated as the serious threat of the Internet society in future. As the botnets are more clever and artful, the detection of botnets is not easy. Recently malicious botnets evolve into HTTP botnets out of typical IRC botnets and it is difficult to response effectively with existing methods which are using DNS traffic. In this(More)
Countermeasures against botnet, which has been recognized as the Internet¿s biggest threat, are urgently needed to create a safe Internet environment. However, the current technology lags behind the evolution of botnet, and, unlike in the past, mutual cooperation among ISPs and countries is essential. As botnet is distributed internationally rather than in(More)
VoIP provides multimedia (audio and video, etc) services through Internet Network. Due to the characteristic of Internet, there are many attacks and threats in Internet, so are VoIP. Therefore, user authentication, confidentiality, and integrity of signaling message, media stream are required for secure communication. TLS and S/MIME are proposed for SIP(More)
Objective: If medical information is integrated for management purposes, the efficiency of the system may increase. In addition, diagnostic abilities of physicians may be improved through the increased speed and accuracy of information processing. Medical databases must ensure high performance in terms of speed and reliability. In addition, access to(More)
In drafting the report, Audrey Plonk and Anne Carblanc from the OECD Secretariat have been assisted by a group of experts whose input has been highly valuable. This group included Mr. Goldfarb (United States). The Dutch government made a special contribution to enable work on the economics of malware, which is gratefully acknowledged. States, and the(More)
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