Hyun-joong Kang

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A prediction model for estimating the ecotoxicity of the water-accommodated fraction (WAF) and water-soluble fraction (WSF) of heavy crude oil is proposed. Iranian heavy crude oil (IHC), one of the major components of the Hebei Spirit oil spill in Korea in 2007, was used as a model crude oil for the preparation of the WAF and the WSF. Luminescence(More)
Recently, there are many researches to enable future ubiquitous environments based on wireless sensor network (WSN). Various sensing devices deployed in wireless sensor network collect meaningful data from physical environments and the data are delivered to neighbor node through radio interfaces for further processing. The representative application in WSN(More)
WSN (Wireless sensor networks) based on low-power technologies is one of the important technologies currently available in constructing ubiquitous society and is applied in various fields, including, environmental monitoring, disaster management, logistics management, and home network. In this paper, we proposed a WSN-based stable management system as one(More)
Worldwide, regulations of chemicals require short-term toxicity data for evaluating hazards and risks of the chemicals. Current data requirements on the registration of chemicals are primarily based on tonnage and do not yet consider properties of chemicals. For example, short-term ecotoxicity data are required for chemicals with production volume greater(More)