Hyun-do Park

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Palatal development is one of the critical events in craniofacial morphogenesis. During fusion of the palatal shelves, removal of the midline epithelial seam (MES) is a fundamental process for achieving proper morphogenesis of the palate. The reported mechanisms for removing the MES are the processes of apoptosis, migration or general(More)
The major complication in dental implant surgery is loss of sensation due to damage to the inferior alveolar nerve resulting from poor characterization of the location of the mandibular canal and the traveling course of the inferior alveolar nerve, artery, and vein therein. The purposes of this study were to determine the buccolingual location of the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study describes the extra- and intramuscular nerve branching of muscles of the ventral compartment of forearm, thereby providing critical information on determining the points for botulinum toxin injections that would be effective at reducing muscular spasticity. DESIGN Twenty-three Korean and French cadavers were dissected and subjected to(More)
The sural nerve (SN) is a sensory nerve supplying the skin of the lateral and posterior parts of the inferior third of the calf and the lateral side of the foot and is easy to harvest because of its location posterior and superior to the tip of the lateral malleolus. Seventy-one lower limbs from 42 Korean cadavers were dissected to describe the joining type(More)
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