Hyun Young Jung

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Here we construct mechanically flexible and optically transparent thin film solid state supercapacitors by assembling nano-engineered carbon electrodes, prepared in porous templates, with morphology of interconnected arrays of complex shapes and porosity. The highly textured graphitic films act as electrode and current collector and integrated with solid(More)
Aerogels have numerous applications due to their high surface area and low densities. However, creating aerogels from a large variety of materials has remained an outstanding challenge. Here, we report a new methodology to enable aerogel production with a wide range of materials. The method is based on the assembly of anisotropic nano-objects(More)
Please note that terms and conditions apply. A MEMS platform for in situ, real-time monitoring of electrochemically induced mechanical changes in lithium-ion battery electrodes View the table of contents for this issue, or go to the journal homepage for more Abstract We report the first successful demonstration of an optical microelectromechanical systems(More)
Here we report direct observations of spatial movements of nanodroplets of Pb metal trapped inside sealed carbon nanocontainers. We find drastic changes in the mobility of the liquid droplets as the particle size increases from a few to a few ten nanometers. In open containers the droplet becomes immobile and readily evaporates to the vacuum environment.(More)
A case of a primary retroperitoneal mucinous cystadenocarcinoma in a 38-year-old female is presented. The literature concerning primary retroperitoneal cystadenocarcinomas is reviewed and it is concluded that close postoperative follow-up is necessary.
Scheduling in primary care is challenging because of the diversity of patient cases (acute versus chronic), mix of appointments (pre-scheduled versus same-day), and uncertain time spent with providers and non-provider staff (nurses/medical assistants). In this paper, we present an empirically driven stochastic integer programming model that schedules and(More)
The design and optimization of 3D graphene nanostructures are critically important since the properties of electrochemical energy storages such as supercapacitors can be dramatically enhanced by tunable porous channels. In this work, we have developed porous graphene aerogels from graphene suspensions obtained via electrochemical exfoliation and explored(More)
The frequency of linguistic structures, such as pho-nemes or words, has long been known to affect language processing. Increasingly, research in sentence processing has focused on the frequencies of more complex linguistic structures. By far the most frequently studied example of these are verb subcategorization frequencies or verb biases (e. For example,(More)