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The Papangelou intensities of determinantal (or fermion) point processes are investigated. These exhibit a monotonicity property expressing the repulsive nature of the interaction, and satisfy a bound implying stochastic domination by a Poisson point process. We also show that determinantal point processes satisfy the so-called condition ( λ), which is a(More)
Given a positive definite, bounded linear operator A on the Hilbert space H0 := l(E), we consider a reproducing kernel Hilbert space H+ with a reproducing kernel A(x, y). Here E is any countable set and A(x, y), x, y ∈ E, is the representation of A w.r.t. the usual basis of H0. Imposing further conditions on the operator A, we also consider another(More)
We consider fermion (or determinantal) random point fields on Euclidean space R. Given a bounded, translation invariant, and positive definite integral operator J on L(R), we introduce a determinantal interaction for a system of particles moving on R as follows: the n points located at x1, · · · , xn ∈ R have the potential energy given by U (x1, · · · , xn)(More)
Due to our rapidly aging society, there has been an increasing need for preventive management of chronic diseases and management of individual health conditions. Among the chronic diseases, diabetes has become one of the most important illnesses in the modern era, and there is an increasing number of diabetes patients in all age groups. With increasing(More)
In modern society, the amount of information has significantly increased due to the development of BT-IT convergence technology. This leads to developing information obtaining and searching technologies from much data. Although system integration for medicare has been largely established to accumulate large amounts of information, there is a lack of(More)
The modern society has been developing new paradigms in diverse fields through IT convergence based on information technique development. In the field of construction/transportation, such IT convergence has been attracting attention as a new generation technology for disaster prevention and management. Researches on disaster prevention and management are(More)
In this paper we study complex-valued reversible cellular automata (RCA) starting from a suitable initial state given by the first two time steps. The evolution of the amplitudes for each of the two chiralities for one-dimensional discrete-time quantum walk is equivalent to the RCA starting from a special initial state. We give necessary and sufficient(More)