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Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology is one of the important technologies to implement the ubiquitous society, and it could increase productivity of agricultural and livestock products, and secure transparency of distribution channels if such a WSN technology were successfully applied to the agricultural sector. Middleware, which can connect WSN(More)
Cloud computing, an internet-based computing technology, is a web-based software service of calling and using programs placed in the internet utility data server via computer or mobile phone according to user's need. In this thesis, web-based cloud computing technology will be applied to livestock farms to develop livestock monitoring and disease(More)
This paper proposes an agricultural environment monitoring server system for monitoring information concerning an outdoors agricultural production environment utilizing Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology. The proposed agricultural environment monitoring server system collects environmental and soil information on the outdoors through WSN-based(More)
Many hog farmers are now suffering from high pig mortality rates due to various wasting diseases and increased breeding costs, etc. It is therefore necessary for hog farms to implement systematic and scientific pig production technology to increase productivity and produce high quality pork in order to solve these problems. In this study, we describe such a(More)
OBJECTIVE Emerging evidence suggests a role of lycopene in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. This study aimed to investigate the association of serum lycopene concentration with brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV), a marker of arterial stiffness and markers of oxidative stress and inflammation. METHODS healthy women (n=264, 31-75(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology can facilitate advances in productivity, safety and human quality of life through its applications in various industries. In particular, the application of WSN technology to the agricultural area, which is labor-intensive compared to other industries, and in addition is typically lacking in IT technology(More)
There has been much research and various attempts to apply new IoT technology to agricultural areas. However, IoT for the agriculture should be considered differently against the same areas such as industrial, logistics. This paper presents the IoT-based agricultural production system for stabilizing supply and demand of agricultural products while(More)
Plenty of new routing protocols have been presented to overcome the difficulty in applying the routing protocol which was proposed for the existing wireless networks (IEEE 802.11) to WSN. Therefore, this paper presents the wired and wireless integrated networks which transmit the information collected from the wireless sensor networks to wired networks via(More)
Recently, there are many researches to enable future ubiquitous environments based on wireless sensor network (WSN). Various sensing devices deployed in wireless sensor network collect meaningful data from physical environments and the data are delivered to neighbor node through radio interfaces for further processing. The representative application in WSN(More)