Hyun Woong Shin

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BACKGROUND The presenting features and clinical course of biomass smoke induced bronchial anthracofibrosis (BAF) are not well known. PATIENTS AND METHODS 333 patients who had a history of long-term exposure to biomass smoke, having BAF confirmed by a bronchoscopy from January 1998 to December 2004, were included in this study. The clinical features,(More)
The gene induced in response to Cd exposure in microalga Nannochloropsis oculata was examined in this investigation. In order to isolate this gene by using nested PCR, degenerated primers were designed on the basis of highly conserved regions of the amino acid sequences of various phytochelatin synthase. The size of the nested PCR amplification product from(More)
Most information retrieval systems, including Web search engines, use similarity ranking algorithms based on a vector space model to find relevant information in response to a user’s request. However, the retrieved information is frequently irrelevant, because most of the current information systems employ index terms or other techniques that are variants(More)
The rapid growth of online digital information over the last decade has made it difficult for a typical user to find and read information [13]. One way to address the problem of information overload is to tailor that information to specific user interests, needs and knowledge base. If there is an approach that responds to individual information requests(More)
A primary goal of this project is to design, develop, test, enhance, and integrate techniques and mechanisms for specifying the semantic content in units of multimedia information. By the semantic content of a multimedia object O, we refer to the meaning-based categories into which O may be classified, such as “students”, “research projects”, and “key(More)
The rapid growth of on-line information including multimedia contents during the last decade caused a major problem for Web users there is too much information available, most of it poorly organized and hard to find. To help a user to find proper information, web news search functions are devised and developed. Although those search engines provide some(More)
Abstract In this paper, radiation performance of a ground radiation antenna using magnetic coupling structure is compared with a conventional planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) in terms of the impedance bandwidth and radiation efficiency. The size of the proposed ground radiation antenna is 5 x 10 mm, reduced up to approximately 50% while the impedance(More)
The primary goal of this project is to design, develop, deploy, and test methodologies for exploiting semantic aspects of the data. Toward this end, we have developed an information system based on ontologies (collections of key concepts and terms along with their interrelationships) to provide intelligent information selection. The main capabilities of the(More)
The DBMS performance might change by allocating resources and by performing a specific kind of workload. Database administrators should be able to identify relative resources that can change DBMS performance in order to effectively manage database systems. This paper aims to identify the relative resources that can affect the DBMS performance depending on(More)
The primary goal of this project is to design, develop, and test methodologies for exploiting semantic aspects of the multimedia earthquake science data. The nature of data in the earthquake science domain is full of variety. That is, the interpretations of data differ from resource to resource and scientist to scientist. Therefore, our system must provide(More)