Hyun Woong Shin

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The DBMS performance might change by allocating resources and by performing a specific kind of workload. Database administrators should be able to identify relative resources that can change DBMS performance in order to effectively manage database systems. This paper aims to identify the relative resources that can affect the DBMS performance depending on(More)
The rapid growth of on-line information including multimedia contents during the last decade caused a major problem for Web users-there is too much information available, most of it poorly organized and hard to find. To help a user to find proper information, web news search functions are devised and developed. Although those search engines provide some(More)
Most traditional Information Retrieval (IR) systems, including web search engines, operationalize " relevant " as the word frequency in a document of a set of keywords. Because of this limitation, traditional IR systems frequently retrieve irrelevant documents in response to a user's request. In this paper, we propose a new criterion, " generality, " that(More)
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