Hyun-Woo Lim

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Hypothesis testing is a useful statistical tool in determining whether a given model should be rejected based on a sample from the population. Sample data may contain sensitive information about individuals, such as medical information. Thus it is important to design statistical tests that guarantee the privacy of subjects in the data. In this work, we(More)
OBJECTIVES Apoptosis of outer hair cell (OHC) can be identified through nuclear staining by specific nuclear changes. The change of filamentous actin (F-actin) is also involved in early cell death process. The study was designed to investigate OHC death along the whole length of the organ of Corti. METHODS BALB/c hybrid mice were used in this study. The(More)
Non-typhoidal salmonellosis, which is increasing nowadays in Korea as well as in the developed countries, is manifested as enteritis in most cases, but it also encompasses bacteremia, intraabdominal infections, and bone, joint and soft tissue infections. These rare diseases are known to result from primary gastrointestinal infection and subsequent(More)
This paper reports a highly reproducible immunoassay of cancer markers using surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) imaging. SERS is a highly sensitive detection method but it is limited in its ability to achieve reproducible signal enhancement because of the difficulty with precisely controlling the uniform distribution of hot junctions. Consequently,(More)
This study evaluated clinical characteristics and suicidality of patients with anxious depression in a large cohort of samples. Data were collected from 1003 patients who were depressed. A total of 461 patients were diagnosed with anxious depression and 542 were diagnosed with nonanxious depression. After adjusting for the severity of depression, those in(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy of treatment of a ranula in children by intralesional injection of OK-432. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective analysis of 13 cases. METHODS Review of medical records of pediatric patients with ranula treated by OK-432 sclerotherapy from 2002 through 2005. RESULTS Among 13 cases, 9 were completely regressed by injection therapy(More)
CONCLUSIONS The expression and localization of placenta growth factor (PlGF) within cholesteatoma were defined. The authors propose that PlGF is an angiogenic growth factor in cholesteatoma, and participates in the neoangiogenesis of cholesteatoma. OBJECTIVES Middle ear cholesteatoma is characterized by the presence of a keratinizing squamous epithelium(More)
Seismic reliability assessment of lifeline networks gives rise to various technical challenges, which are mostly caused by a large number of network components, complex network topology, and statistical dependence between component failures. For effective risk assessment and probabilistic inference based on post-hazard observations, various(More)
In this paper, SUS mold was fabricated using both ECF method and FeCl<sub>3</sub> wet etching. The ECF mold showed the surface roughness values much better than that for FeCl<sub>3</sub> etched mold. Therefore, SUS mold was successfully fabricated for the first time in micro-scale and multi-step patterns. Plastic replica was fabricated successfully using(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper describes changes in the characteristics of patients seeking orthodontic treatment over the past decade and the treatment they received, to identify any seasonal variations or trends. METHODS This single-center retrospective cohort study included all patients who presented to Seoul National University Dental Hospital for orthodontic(More)