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We study the importance of uncertainty and public finance to the welfare ranking of three environmental policy instruments: pollution taxes, pollution permits and Kyoto-like numerical rules for emissions. The setup is the basic stochastic neoclassical growth model augmented with the assumptions that pollution occurs as a by-product of output produced and(More)
In this paper, we employ total factor productivity data adjusted for factor utilisation over the cycle, to model the dynamic interaction between TFP and employment. Our data spans twenty 2-digit SIC code manufacturing sectors in the US. There are two key results. First, we show that the impact of technology shocks on employment cycles is much weaker than(More)
It is now well known that a simple graph C *-algebra C * (E) of a directed graph E is either AF or purely infinite. In this paper, we address the question of whether this is the case for labeled graph C *-algebras recently introduced by Bates and Pask as one of the generalizations of graph C *-algebras, and show that there exists a family of simple unital(More)
I would like to thank my husband, Richard Moore, for his for his unfailing love, motivation and support throughout this process. It would not have happened without him. Thanks to our children, Elisabeth, David, Ethan, and Jeremiah for their love and hugs, and for their enthusiasm to discover the world. Special thanks are due to my committee members. Dr.(More)
Internationally adopted children often arrive from institutional settings where they have experienced medical, nutritional and psychosocial deprivation. This study uses a validated research assessment tool to prospectively assess the impact of baseline (immediately post adoption) nutritional status on fifty-eight children as measured by weight-for-age,(More)
This paper studies the short-run and long-run behavior of a competitive economy in which both the discount factor and technological change are endogenously determined. In particular, the effect of saving behavior on persistent economic growth is considered. The paper provides the sufficient condition on the rate of impatience and the concavity of private(More)