Hyun-Su Rho

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Vegetative growth of four different strains of Hericium erinaceus was observed. The temperature suitable for optimal mycelial growth was determined to be 25℃, with growth observed in the extend temperature range of 20~30℃. The different strains of this mushroom showed distinct pH requirements for their optimum vegetative growth, with the most favorable(More)
Agrocybe cylindracea, an edible mushroom belonging to Bolbitiaceae, Agaricales, is widely used as invaluable medicinal material in the oriental countries. This study was initiated to find the genes expressed during the fruiting body formation of A. cylindracea. The cDNAs expressed differentially during fruiting body morphogenesis of A. cylindracea were(More)
Schizophyllum commune is an edible and medicinal mushroom widely distributed in the world. The optimal growth conditions for the mycelia of 10 strains of the fungus were investigated. The temperature suitable for the mycelial growth and density was obtained at 30~35℃. Among the tested conditions, the minimum mycelial growth was found at 15℃. In case of pH,(More)
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