Hyun-Sook Chung

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[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to investigate the test-retest reliability of the Driving Habits Questionnaire in community-dwelling older self-drivers. [Subjects and Methods] Seventy-four participants were recruited by convenience sampling from local rehabilitation centers. This was a cross-sectional study design that used two clinical measures:(More)
In these days, the creative user really enjoys creating digital items and sharing their works with other people on the Web. Most users, who create digital contents, want to make secured packages of their works and distribute them with the attachment of valid licenses. Current digital rights management (DRM) systems, however, do not provide the functionality(More)
The user interface is one of the most important factors to use various functions of mobile device easily. Recently, the importance of the user interface has been increased after Apple emphasized emotional UX(User eXperience) by applying multi-touches to iPhone. Mobile device Manufacturers have tried to apply embedded sensors to apps as user interface.(More)
In these days, Internet-based TV services provide the great opportunity to users in accessibility to TV program contents. Therefore, it is important for TV viewers to easily search the preferred their TV contents based on their interests, tastes and preferences. In this paper we propose a searching and recommendation method of TV program contents based on(More)
Merging between topic maps describes the process of integrating two topic maps into a new topic map. In this paper, we propose a specific ontology merging process for integrating two source topic maps into a new topic map based on given semantic correspondences. Also, we define a taxonomy of merging conflicts which occur during the process of topic maps(More)
In this paper we propose a searching and recommendation method of TV program contents based on TV contents and viewers ontologies by performing TV program usage examination, ontology matching, and recommendation processes. Our scheme searches TV programs by computing the similarity between contents ontologies, filter the candidates with preferences of(More)
Until now, many ontology matching approaches that are applicable to topic maps have been proposed. However, they assume that two ontologies are given before matching and they do not consider searching and selecting the most appropriate ontology from ontology libraries. In our system, topic maps can be searched by a topic map, which is entered by user in(More)