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This paper presents a dynamic programming algorithm to draw optimal intermodal freight routing with regard to international logistics of container cargo for export and import. This study looks into the characteristics of intermodal transport using multi-modes, and presents a Weighted Constrained Shortest Path Problem (WCSPP) model. This study draws Pareto(More)
In this research, we have developed a Multi-Agent based Negotiation Support System to enhance the competitive power of a company in dynamic environments and correspond to various orders from customers by capitalizing on electronic commerce. The system uses the agent technology that comes to light as a new paradigm in dynamic environment and flexible system(More)
Recently, the port logistics market is rapidly expanding, along with the active maritime trade. To adjust to this trend and gain a competitive advantage, competition among shipping companies at home and abroad has intensified, and many efforts are being made for the improvement of customer services and cost saving. In particular, car carriers transporting(More)