Hyun-Seung Lee

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This paper proposes the new super resolution algorithm for improving the texture of low-quality image. Conventional methods have restored the high-resolution image based on the linear blur model with a variety of priors, which boost the frequency powers of the images while preventing from being noisy or having jagged edges. Previous methods show good(More)
This paper presents a new line-per-inch (LPI) adaptive descreening algorithm for restoring a high-quality image when scanning a printed matter. The LPI of scanned image is estimated and image region is classified into flat or edge region by analyzing the distribution in Hadamard transform coefficients. Then, an LPI adaptive edge preserving filtering is(More)
—Recently, sub-pixel rendered filter is often used as a post processing of graphic contents to reduce the jagging artifacts in displays. However, in a printing system, sub-pixel filtered image yields blurring and jagging artifacts due to the difference of displaying method. In order to prevent artifacts, new edge enhancement method is proposed. Edge region(More)
A compact 24 GHz quadrature Doppler radar front-end module was fabricated using LTCC packaging technology. A method involving the vertical stacking of a three-dimensional LTCC packaging module and an FR-4 substrate was developed, and a compact 24 GHz quadrature Doppler radar front-end module was fabricated.
This paper presents a new region-adaptive printing quality enhancement algorithm for mixed scanning documents. To adapt a variety of line-per-inch (LPI) printing documents, novel pixel-wise LPI estimation is done via hadamard transform-based local frequency components analysis. Then, each pixel is classified into either flat-region or edge-region by(More)
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