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A procedure is described for estimating the probabilities for the backbone phi-psi angles of a protein molecule from the data base of known protein structures. The procedure is basically an adaptation of a published secondary structure prediction scheme, applied to the phi-psi angle bins rather than to the secondary types. The phi-psi angle probabilities(More)
A straightforward method for predicting the protein structure is to find conformations that have the lowest energy along a chosen folding pathway. One approach in this direction is to produce a large number of structures by varying the dihedral angles of the molecule more or less randomly and then to screen each one using a suitable energy function. This(More)
In radial MR imaging, streaking artifacts contaminating the entire field of view can arise from regions at the outer edges of the prescribed field of view. This can occur even when the Nyquist criterion is satisfied within the desired field of view. These artifacts become exacerbated when parts of the object lie in the superior/inferior regions of the(More)
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