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It is often argued that accurate machine translation requires reference to contextual knowledge for the correct treatment of linguistic phenomena such as dropped arguments and accurate lexical selection. One of the historical arguments in favor of the interlingua approach has been that, since it revolves around a deep semantic representation, it is better(More)
An efficient, stable and scalable hybrid photoelectrode for visible-light-driven H2 generation in an aqueous pH 9.2 electrolyte solution is reported. The photocathode consists of a p-type Si substrate layered with a Ti and Ni-containing composite film, which acts as both a protection and electrocatalyst layer on the Si substrate. The film is prepared by the(More)
Electrode surfaces have been widely modified with electrically conductive polymers, including polypyrrole (PPY), to improve the performance of electrodes. To utilize conductive polymers for electrode modification, strong adhesion between the polymer films and electrode substrates should be ensured with high electrical/electrochemical activities. In this(More)
The combination of enzymes with semiconductors enables the photoelectrochemical characterization of electron-transfer processes at highly active and well-defined catalytic sites on a light-harvesting electrode surface. Herein, we report the integration of a hydrogenase on a TiO2 -coated p-Si photocathode for the photo-reduction of protons to H2 . The(More)
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