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In recent years, CNL (Controlled Natural Language) has received much attention with regard to ontology-based knowledge acquisition systems. CNLs, as subsets of natural languages, can be useful for both humans and computers by eliminating ambiguity of natural languages. Our previous work, OntoPath [10], proposed to edit natural language-like narratives that(More)
Since most bio-medical Linked Data Sets are simply extracted from the Relational database, lots of them are lack of ontology or concept hierarchy structure for user better understanding the data sets. This problem also limited usage of bio-medical Linked Data Sets. To resolve the problem, this paper introduced a method to dynamically generate the concept(More)
With the emerging uses of semantically enriched social data on the Web, linked data are expected to envision a next generation of the current web. As ‘web of data’, they are spread as pieces of data into the Web with links to related objects or concepts. Data instances distributed with URIs, those that enable identification and combination(More)
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