Hyun-Min Park

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We reported the expression of phosphorylated HSP27 during epithelial wound healing in murine corneas (Jain et al., 2012) in July of 2012. This in vivo investigation demonstrated that the expression levels of phosphorylated HSP27 were greater in wounded corneal epithelial cells than in unwounded controls and that the localization of phosphorylated HSP27 was(More)
In this paper, the design and measured results of an active double-balanced direct down-conversion mixer at 18 GHz is presented. The mixer, which is fabricated in IBM’s 45GHz ft SiGe BiCMOS process achieves a 4.5 dB conversion gain, a 7.1 dB double side band noise figure, an IIP3 of -1 dBm, an IIP2 of 20.3 dBm, and a 1-dB compression point at – 12.2 dBm(More)
A nonquasi-static table-based (NQS-TB) small-signal model, which has been used successfully in modeling FETs, is applied to a heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT). The capacitive couplings associated with base cause the conventional model to be invalid at high frequencies. To take these effects into account, a new model is proposed that is compatible(More)
We have developed a 5-W 756-nm injection-locked Ti:sapphire laser and frequency-doubled it in an external enhancement cavity for the generation of watt-level 378-nm single-frequency radiation, which is essential for isotope-selective optical pumping of thallium atoms. With a lithium triborate (LBO) crystal in the enhancement cavity, 1.1 W at 378 nm was(More)
Small interfering RNA (siRNA) is among the most widely used RNA interference methods for the short-term silencing of protein-coding genes. siRNA is a synthetic RNA duplex created to specifically target a mRNA transcript to induce its degradation and it has been used to identify novel pathways in various cellular processes. Few reports exist regarding the(More)
A new laboratory x-ray spectrometer for surface-sensitive extended x-ray absorption fine structure [(S)EXAFS] and surface-sensitive x-ray absorption near-edge structure [(S)XANES] measurements is described. The spectrometer employs a 12 kV mA rotating anode generator. It has a monochromator equipped with a set of exchangeable curved crystals of Johann or(More)
We have generated continuous-wave single-frequency 1.5 W 378 nm radiation by frequency doubling a high-power Ti:sapphire laser in an external enhancement cavity. An LBO crystal that is Brewster-cut and antireflection coated on both ends is used for a long-term stable frequency doubling. By optimizing the input coupler's reflectivity, we could generate 1.5 W(More)
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