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PURPOSE Bone grafting in opening wedge high tibial osteotomy (OWHTO) is still controversial. The purpose of this study is to compare the radiological outcomes of OWHTO with bone graft (autogenous, allogenous, and synthetic bone graft) and those without bone graft. MATERIALS AND METHODS PubMed, MEDLINE, EMBASE and Cochrane Register of Studies databases(More)
To develop molecular markers linked to the L4 locus conferring resistance to tobamovirus pathotypes in pepper plants, we performed AFLP with 512 primer combinations for susceptible (S pool) and resistant (R pool) DNA bulks against pathotype 1.2 of pepper mild mottle virus. Each bulk was made by pooling the DNA of five homozygous individuals from a T10(More)
This paper shows that for microbial communities, "fences make good neighbors." Communities of soil microorganisms perform critical functions: controlling climate, enhancing crop production, and remediation of environmental contamination. Microbial communities in the oral cavity and the gut are of high biomedical interest. Understanding and harnessing the(More)
Microbially induced calcium carbonate precipitation (CCP) is a long-standing but re-emerging environmental engineering process for production of self-healing concrete, bioremediation, and long-term storage of CO2. CCP-capable bacteria, two Bacillus strains (JH3 and JH7) and one Sporosarcina strain (HYO08), were isolated from two samples of concrete and(More)
The ultimate goal of most biomedical research is to gain greater insight into mechanisms of human disease or to develop new and improved therapies or diagnostics. Although great advances have been made in terms of developing disease models in animals, such as transgenic mice, many of these models fail to faithfully recapitulate the human condition. In(More)
Eight iridoid glycosides and four phenolic compounds were isolated from the EtOAc soluble fraction of Veronica peregrina MeOH extract as the radical scavengers for antioxidant activity. The compounds were identified as protocatechuic acid (1), luteolin (2), veronicoside (3), minecoside (4), specioside (5), amphicoside (6), catalposide (7),(More)
A relationship between pepper trichome and pepper mottle virus (PepMoV) resistance was examined. In an intraspecific F(2) mapping population from the cross between Capsicum annuum CM334 (trichome-bearing and PepMoV resistant) and Chilsungcho (glabrous and PepMoV susceptible), major QTLs for both traits were identified by composite interval mapping in(More)
BACKGROUND Prone positioning for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) has no impact on mortality despite significant improvements in oxygenation. However, a recent trial demonstrated reduced mortality rates in the prone position for severe ARDS. We evaluated effects of prone position duration and protective lung strategies on mortality rates in ARDS.(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE There is a scarcity of information on the epidemiology and natural course of moyamoya disease. The aim of this study was to investigate the nationwide epidemiological features of moyamoya disease in Korea, including incidence, prevalence, and survival. METHODS We used the data from nationwide, population-based Health Insurance(More)
Rectal cancer patients with a pathological complete response (pCR) after neoadjuvant concurrent chemoradiotherapy (CCRT) have a better prognosis compared to those without a pCR. Therefore, the “Wait and See” (W&S) approach in those who achieved clinically complete response (cCR) after CCRT was introduced as an alternative modality to the total mesorectal(More)