Hyun-Joung Kwon

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We measured the glass transition temperatures of mono-, di-, and trisaccharide mixtures using differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) and analyzed these temperatures using the Gordon-Taylor equation. We found that the glass transition temperatures of monosaccharide-monosaccharide and disaccharide-disaccharide mixtures could be described by the conventional(More)
We measured the α-relaxation in trehalose glass by using photon correlation spectroscopy(PCS). The α-relaxations of trehalose glass showed a crossover from stretchedto compressed-exponential relaxations as the temperature increased. From the Raman scattering measurements, we found that the unusual compressed-exponential relaxation in trehalose glass was(More)
The melting transition of nitrogen physisorbed on close-ended single-wall nanotube bundles was investigated using synchrotron X-ray diffraction measurements. The beta-nitrogen solid diffraction peak was observed above the coverage that corresponded to the monolayer and the average size of the nitrogen solid was approximately 30 A. The diffraction peak was(More)
We studied the temperature dependent vibrational modes of the glycosidic bond in trehalose, sucrose, and maltose at wavenumbers ranging from 1000 to 1200 cm(-1). We found that the slope of temperature dependent Raman shifts of the glycosidic bond in trehalose and sucrose changed at temperatures around 120 degrees C, indicating a bond length or a bond angle(More)
We investigated the frequency dependent dielectric relaxation behaviors of anhydrous trehalose and maltose glasses in the temperature range which covers a supercooled and glassy states. In addition to the α-, Johari-Goldstein (JG) β-, and γ-relaxations in a typical glass forming system, we observed an extra relaxation process between JG β- and γ-relaxations(More)
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