Hyun-Joo Kim

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Recent global warming trends may have a significant impact on vector-borne viral diseases, possibly affecting vector population dynamics and disease transmission. This study measured levels of hemagglutination-inhibition (HI) antibodies against Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) and neutralizing antibodies against Akabane virus (AKAV) and Aino virus (AINV)(More)
We introduce a cyclic coefficient R which characterizes the degree of circulation in complex networks. If a network has a perfect treelike structure, then R becomes zero. The larger value of R represents that the network has more cyclic structure. We measure both the cyclic coefficients and the distributions of local cyclic coefficients for various networks(More)
Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) is one of the important emerging viral diseases of serious impact in public health and animal hygiene both in human and animal industries. In this study, we developed a monoclonal antibody-based competitive ELISA for the detection of antibodies to RVFV in goats and cattle. The recombinant N protein of RVFV was expressed in E.(More)
Immature (larvae and nymph) tick burden on rodents is an important determinant of adult tick population size and understanding infectious disease dynamics. The objective of this research was to build a descriptive model for immature Dermacentor variabilis burden on Peromyscus leucopus. Mice were live-trapped on two permanent grids in an old field and an(More)
Polysaccharides from seaweeds, fucoidan and laminarin, were irradiated with gamma rays, and their structural changes and anti-oxidative activities were investigated. The gamma irradiation decreased the average molecular weights of polysaccharides, and UV spectra of irradiated polysaccharides showed increases in the numbers of carboxyl and carbonyl groups(More)
In studies of tick communities, sampling methodology may influence observed patterns. The objective of this study was to compare two sampling methods, dragging and dry ice baiting, in two habitats to assess abundance of off-host ticks. Tick communities were monitored from March to December in a forested and an old-field habitat in northeast Missouri. In(More)
Fucoidan is a marine sulfated polysaccharide with a wide variety of biological activities. Recently, it has been reported that low molecular weight fucoidan has the enhanced antioxidant and anticoagulative activities. However, degradation techniques such as enzymolysis and acid hydrolysis for obtaining low molecular weight fucoidan, have the disadvantages(More)
Timeliness-guaranteed computing considering the worst case can hardly be accomplished at run time because of the uncertainty caused by resource sharing, asynchronous events and conflicting timing constraints between tasks. An easier way to reach it is to do some off-line analysis from design time with predictable characteristics of tasks. The TMO model(More)
A method for measuring the ethanol concentration in a yeast culture broth was developed using both microtubes and a 96-deepwell microplate. The strategy involved first the solvent extraction of ethanol from the yeast culture broth and measurements of the ethanol concentration using the dichromate oxidation method. Particular focus was made on selecting the(More)
Since the National Food Safety Initiative of 1997, risk assessment has been an important issue in food safety areas. Microbial risk assessment is a systematic process for describing and quantifying a potential to cause adverse health effects associated with exposure to microorganisms. Various dose-response models for estimating microbial risks have been(More)