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Muscle carnosine synthesis is limited by the availability of β-alanine. Thirteen male subjects were supplemented with β-alanine (CarnoSyn™) for 4 wks, 8 of these for 10 wks. A biopsy of the vastus lateralis was obtained from 6 of the 8 at 0, 4 and 10 wks. Subjects undertook a cycle capacity test to determine total work done (TWD) at 110% (CCT110%) of their(More)
β-Alanine in blood-plasma when administered as A) histidine dipeptides (equivalent to 40 mg · kg−1 bwt of β-alanine) in chicken broth, or B) 10, C) 20 and D) 40 mg · kg−1 bwt β-alanine (CarnoSyn™, NAI, USA), peaked at 428 ± SE 66, 47 ± 13, 374 ± 68 and 833 ± 43 µM. Concentrations regained baseline at 2 h. Carnosine was not detected in plasma with A)(More)
This study examines the anatomic relationships and variability of the facial nerve trunk and its branches, with emphasis on the intraparotid connections between the divisions. Microdissections were performed on 30 Korean half-heads, and the facial nerve trunks and branches were exposed. The average depth of the stylomastoid foramen from the skin surface was(More)
The role of computed tomography (CT) in the preoperative staging of gastric cancer, even if controversial, may be fundamental for evaluating the local extent and nodal involvement of the disease, especially in locally advanced cases. However, previous results of CT staging have not been satisfactory for predicting the invasive depth of the tumor or possible(More)
A fuel cell was used to enrich a microbial consortium generating electricity, using organic wastewater as the fuel. Within 30 days of enrichment the maximum current of 0.2 mA was generated with a resistance of 1 kΩ. Current generation was coupled to a fall in chemical oxygen demand from over 1,700 mg l−1 down to 50 mg l−1. Denaturing gradient gel(More)
We made a thorough observation of the morphology and course of the lingual nerve (LN) and inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) to clarify their topographical relationships in the infratemporal fossa and in the paralingual area. Thirty-two Korean hemi-sectioned heads were dissected macroscopically and microscopically from a clinical viewpoint. On the 32 tracings on(More)
The long-term oncologic stability of laparoscopic surgery for colon cancer was established, and laparoscopic surgery was accepted as an alternative to conventional open surgery for colon cancer. However, transverse colon cancer was excluded from the majority of the previous prospective studies. As a result, debate on laparoscopic surgery for transverse(More)