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A 2.4/3.4 GHz Dual-band CMOS power amplifier using proposed variable inductor is presented. The variable inductor is used for the load of driver amplifier stage. The measured P1dB and PAE of dual band PA is 22.4dBm and 28.8% at 2.4GHz, and 18.8dBm and 14.4% at 3.4GHz, respectively. Also the measured output power at which the achieved EVM is −25dB is(More)
—A 3-5 GHz UWB radar chip in 0.13 m CMOS process is presented in this paper. The UWB radar transceiver for surveillance and biometric applications adopts the equivalent time sampling architecture and 4-channel time interleaved samplers to relax the impractical sampling frequency and enhance the overall scanning time. The RF front end (RFFE) includes the(More)
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