Hyun-Jin Na

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Age-related changes in stem cells could have a profound impact on tissue aging and the development of age-related diseases such as cancer. However, the effects of metformin, a recently recognized anti-cancer drug, on stem cell aging remain largely unknown. In the present study, an experiment was set up to investigate the underlying mechanism of metformin's(More)
A decline in stem cell function is considered as a major cause of tissue atrophy, organ-system failure, cancer development and aging process. For a better understanding of the mechanism underlying age-related decline of stem cell function, characterization of aged stem cells is required. DNA damage induces epigenetic modifications that are associated with(More)
Although the diverse effects of ionizing radiation on biological and pathological processes at various levels ranging from molecular to whole body are well studied, the effects on adult stem cells by ionizing radiation remain largely unknown. In this study, we characterized the functional modifications of adult Drosophila midgut intestinal stem cells after(More)
Age-related changes in long-lived tissue-resident stem cells may be tightly linked to aging and age-related diseases such as cancer. Centrosomes play key roles in cell proliferation, differentiation and migration. Supernumerary centrosomes are known to be an early event in tumorigenesis and senescence. However, the age-related changes of centrosome(More)
Muscle aging is closely related to unhealthy late-life and organismal aging. Recently, the state of differentiated cells was shown to be critical to tissue homeostasis. Thus, understanding how fully differentiated muscle cells age is required for ensuring healthy aging. Adult Drosophila muscle is a useful model for exploring the aging process of fully(More)
The stem cell genomic stability forms the basis for robust tissue homeostasis, particularly in high-turnover tissues. For the genomic stability, DNA damage response (DDR) is essential. This study was focused on the role of two major DDR-related factors, ataxia telangiectasia-mutated (ATM) and ATM- and RAD3-related (ATR) kinases, in the maintenance of(More)
We delineated the mechanism regulating the inhibition of centrosome amplification by metformin in Drosophila intestinal stem cells (ISCs). Age-related changes in tissue-resident stem cells may be closely associated with tissue aging and age-related diseases, such as cancer. Centrosome amplification is a hallmark of cancers. Our recent work showed that(More)
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