Hyun-Jin Kim

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Hot pepper (Capsicum annuum), one of the oldest domesticated crops in the Americas, is the most widely grown spice crop in the world. We report whole-genome sequencing and assembly of the hot pepper (Mexican landrace of Capsicum annuum cv. CM334) at 186.6× coverage. We also report resequencing of two cultivated peppers and de novo sequencing of the wild(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to compare the normal ligamentous anatomy of the trapeziometacarpal joint in cadavers on conventional MRI and MR arthrography and review the most common diseases and abnormalities that affect this articulation. MATERIALS AND METHODS MR images of seven trapeziometacarpal joints of seven fresh cadaveric hands were(More)
There is no dedicated database available for Expressed Sequence Tags (EST) of the chili pepper (Capsicum annuum), although the interest in a chili pepper EST database is increasing internationally due to the nutritional, economic, and pharmaceutical value of the plant. Recent advances in high-throughput sequencing of the ESTs of chili pepper cv. Bukang have(More)
To correlate the anatomic and MR imaging characteristics of the area of intersection of the first and the second dorsal extensor tendon compartments (DETC) in the distal forearm in an attempt to improve the design of MR imaging protocols used for the evaluation of intersection syndrome. Ten forearms of nine cadavers underwent MR imaging in the axial and(More)
PURPOSE This study estimates the socioeconomic cost and burden for breast cancer patients in Korea between 2007 and 2010. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study used a prevalence-based approach to estimate the cost of breast cancer. Breast cancer patients were defined as those who were hospitalized or have visited an outpatient clinic during the period from(More)
The purpose of study was to determine the nature, outcomes and associated risk factors of invasive fungal infection (IFI) in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and compare the incidence of IFI in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). A total of 1155 patients with SLE and 2004 patients with RA were retrospectively reviewed between 1992 and(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of small, single-stranded, noncoding RNAs ranging from 19 to 25 nucleotides. The miRNA control various cellular functions by negatively regulating gene expression at the post-transcriptional level. The miRNA regulation over their target genes has a central role in regulating plant growth and development; however, only a few(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormalities in the left atrial (LA) structure and function may develop in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF). We sought to determine the contribution of LA mechanical function, including LA stiffness, to AF by comparing patients with paroxysmal AF with normal control subjects, and to evaluate whether LA mechanical function and(More)
Androgen receptor (AR) that mediates androgen action is a crucial factor in male reproductive functions. Here, we report a novel AR corepressor ARR19 (androgen receptor corepressor-19 kDa), which has been isolated as a putative androgen-induced gene from murine testis. ARR19 encoding a leucine-rich protein is expressed only in male reproductive organs such(More)
BACKGROUND The Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys reported 65% of daily energy intake (EI) as carbohydrate (CHO) in the Korean population and main source of CHO was cooked rice. We used a standardized-small sized rice bowl for diet education and investigated its effectiveness on body weight, glucose and lipid, compared to the(More)