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Causal modeling was used to explore the processes by which individual characteristics, job satisfaction, and intention to quit explain turnover among nursing personnel in 29 Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) long-term psychiatric settings. The sample consisted of 1,106 registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and nurses' aides. We(More)
This study examines a national survey of U.S. health journalists (N = 774) to ascertain how journalists' perceptions of audience use of health news shapes their journalistic practices. We establish a framework through attribution theory and expectancy-value theory for how journalists choose to fulfill their roles as providers of health information. Using(More)
News stories reporting race-specific health information commonly emphasize disparities between racial groups. But recent research suggests this focus on disparities has unintended effects on African American audiences, generating negative emotions and less interest in preventive behaviors (Nicholson RA, Kreuter MW, Lapka C et al. Unintended effects of(More)
This study examined the impact of U.S. chain restaurant food consumption in China and South Korea from an ecological perspective. Specifically, it explored the relationships among several environmental and individual variables that have been found to affect obesity/weight management in previous research, including the prevalence/popularity of U.S. chain(More)
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