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User attribute is an essential factor for personalized recommendation and targeted advertising. Therefore, there have been a number of studies to identify user attributes automatically from SNS postings, since the postings reveal various attributes of writers. Many kinds of machine learning methods have been applied to automatic identification of user(More)
With the increasing interest in location-based services, location comparison gains more and more attentions. One of the best ways to represent a location is to use topics that are generated near the location. In order to compare locations through such geographical topics, two conditions need to be met. One is that the topic set should be fixed but cover(More)
Information extraction from world wide web has been paid great attention to. Since a table is a well-organized and summarized knowledge expression for a domain, it is of great importance to extract information from the tables. However, many tables in web pages are used not to transfer information but to decorate the pages. Therefore, it is one of the most(More)
In a meeting, it is often desirable to extract the keywords from each utterance as soon as it is spoken. Therefore, this paper proposes a just-in-time keyword extraction from meeting transcripts. The proposed method considers three major factors that make it different from keyword extraction from normal texts. The first factor is the temporal history of the(More)