Hyun Hoang Khan

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1. The nature of the galactokinase present in the livers of foetal, newborn and adult rats was examined by the application of several separation procedures and by measurement of a range of kinetic parameters. 2. No evidence of enzyme heterogeneity at any stage of development was found during gel filtration on Sephadex G-100, column chromatography on(More)
A β-1,3-glucanase with a molecular mass of 33 kDa was isolated in the homogeneous state from a crystalline stalk of the commercially available Vietnamese edible mussel Perna viridis. It hydrolyzes β-1,3-bonds in glucans and is capable of catalyzing the transglycosylation reaction. The β-1,3-glucanase has a K m value of 0.3 mg/ml for the hydrolysis of(More)
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