Hyun-Ho Yang

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Nanoelectromechanical (NEM) switches have received widespread attention as promising candidates in the drive to surmount the physical limitations currently faced by complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology. The NEM switch has demonstrated superior characteristics including quasi-zero leakage behaviour, excellent density capability and operation in(More)
An SiGe transmit-receive phased-array chip has been developed for automotive radar applications at 76-84 GHz. The chip is based on an all-RF beamforming approach and contains 8-transmit channels, 8-receive channels, and a complete built-in-self-test system. Two high-linearity quadrature mixers with an input P1 dB of +2.5 dBm are used and allow simultaneous(More)
This paper presents a very low noise suspended micro-bolometer with an in-situ vacuum micro-package so as to prevent thermal loss to the surrounding area and minimize the thermal conductivity of the ambient. Bolometer thermal models with respect to vacuum pressure are developed and verified by finite-element method (FEM) simulations. It is found that with(More)
This paper presents the influence of the surrounding air on air-suspended microbolometers and nanobolometers. If the air-suspended bolometer is long and thin due to a low sheet resistance, the thermal loss through the air can be comparable to that through the bolometer structure, and therefore, the surrounding air can greatly affect the bolometer(More)
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