Hyun Ee Yoon

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Neuronal representations of external events are often distributed across large populations of cells. We study the effect of correlated noise on the accuracy of these neuronal population codes. Our main question is whether the inherent error in the population code can be suppressed by increasing the size of the population N in the presence of correlated(More)
There have been few reports on genetic alterations in thymomas. To investigate the expression of p16INK4A, RB, p53 and cyclin D1 in thymomas, we first examined 36 thymomas (non-invasive type, 16 cases; invasive type, 20 cases) and 3 thymic carcinomas, using immunohistochemistry. Abnormal expression of p16INK4A, RB, p53 and cyclin D1 was observed in 18, 8,(More)
The pathway consisting of retinoblastoma protein (pRB), cyclin D1 and p16 (RB pathway) which is involved in the phosphorylation of pRB plays an important role in G1/S progression. The disruption of this RB pathway has been reported in several types of human neoplasm. An immunohistochemical study of 101 non-small-cell lung cancers (NSCLCs) showed loss of p16(More)
OBJECTIVES Congenital cystic lesions of the lung are uncommon but share similar embryologic and clinical characteristics. The purpose of this study is to review our institutional experience of congenital cystic lung disease, emphasizing the clinical spectrum of the disease related to age, and present some cases with unusual clinical manifestations. (More)
Cdk4-mediated phosphorylation of Rb protein is inhibited by p16, a product of a possible tumor suppressor gene. We examined the expression of p16 and Rb protein by means of immunohistochemistry in 61 non-small cell lung cancers and have demonstrated an inverse relationship between the expression of p16 and Rb protein: 28/30 specimens that did not stain for(More)
OBJECTIVES Increased work of breathing (WOB) and respiratory muscle weakness have been identified as major causes of respiratory failure after thoracic surgery. This study was undertaken firstly to characterize the mechanical impairment in patients with respiratory failure after cardio-thoracic surgery, and secondly, to determine how diaphragmatic paralysis(More)
Growth phase-specific autolysis of Bacillus subtilis by inhibitors of membrane permeability, inhibitors of macromolecule biosynthesis, inhibitors of cell wall biosynthesis and detergents were tested and characterized in glucose limited liquid medium. The minimum autolysin induction concentration (MAIC) of test compounds, which was at least l/20th lower than(More)
Endocrine therapies that inhibit estrogen receptor (ER)-α signaling are the most common and effective treatment for ER-α-positive breast cancer. However, the use of these agents is limited by the frequent development of resistance. The aim of this study was to elucidate the mechanisms by which downregulation of CDK10 expression confers resistance to(More)
BACKGROUND After single lung transplantation for pulmonary hypertension, large mismatches in ventilation/perfusion distribution persist late after transplantation. The larger graft volume of the transplanted lung after transplantation, the better the exercise performance. Because the right lung is larger in volume than the left, we compared the left single(More)
BACKGROUND AND METHODS On the assumption that lung mast cells might respond and release histamine after lung transplantation, the number of mast cells and tissue histamine content were investigated for 2 weeks after rat orthotopic left lung isotransplantation (Lewis rat to Lewis rat) and allotransplantation (Lewis rat to Brown Norway rat). The allografts(More)