Hyun Do Jeong

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The functional B cell repertoire in BALB/c mice was assessed at various stages in ontogeny. This was done by analyzing VH gene family expression using the sensitive technique of in situ hybridization. The B cell repertoire was probed with the mitogen, LPS, and the antigen DNP. DNP was chosen because B cells responsive to this hapten appear very early in(More)
A long double-stranded RNA (dsRNA)-producing vector driven by fugu double U6 promotors, in which the two promoters were arranged in a head-to-head fashion, was newly constructed. To determine whether the DNA-vector-based long dsRNAs can induce sequence-specific RNA interference (RNAi), Epithelioma papulosum cyprini (EPC) cells and chinook salmon embryonic(More)
This paper presents a polishing expert system integrated with sensor information which can modify the polishing sequence and conditions initially set by the system using the on-site polishing status. A practical system using AE sensors is developed for the rotational polishing and the curved surface polishing. A database and knowledge base for polishing(More)
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