Hyun-Chul Park

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A highly-integrated optical phase-locked loop with a phase/frequency detector and a single-sideband mixer (SSBM) has been proposed and demonstrated for the first time. A photonic integrated circuit (PIC) has been designed, fabricated and tested, together with an electronic IC (EIC). The PIC integrates a widely-tunable sampled-grating(More)
—In this brief, we present a 60-W power amplifier that is linearized using an RF predistorter for multicarrier wideband code-division multiple-access (WCDMA) applications. The proposed RF predistorter is fully composed of RF or analog circuits, and it has a moderate memory effect compensation capability using a delayed third-order intermodulation (IM3)(More)
A highly integrated 40 Gbit/s coherent optical receiver is reported using a Costas loop as a homodyne optical phase locked loop (OPLL). A photonic IC, an electrical IC, and a hybrid loop filter are characterized, and the feedback loop system is fully analyzed to build a stable homodyne OPLL. All components are integrated on a single substrate within the(More)
— We report a PLL IC for locking, at a controlled frequency offset between 1 and 20 GHz, the optical phase and optical frequency of a slave semiconductor laser to that of a reference semiconductor laser. The IC, implemented in a 500 nm InP HBT process, contains an ECL digital single-sideband mixer to provide phase-locking at a +/-20 GHz offset frequency,(More)
—A highly-integrated optical Costas loop has been realized within a footprint of 10×10 mm 2 by using a photonic integrated circuit. 40 Gbaud/s data demodulation has been achieved. Coherent fiber optic communication is receiving a lot of interest recently. Compared to traditional optical receivers that are used for direct detection, coherent receivers have(More)
—An integrated circuit (IC) for heterodyne optical phase locking in a 1–20-GHz offset range is hereby reported. The IC, implemented in a 500-nm InP HBT process, contains an emitter coupled logic digital single-sideband mixer to provide phase locking at a 20-GHz offset frequency, and a wideband phase-frequency detector designed to provide loop acquisition up(More)
—A novel widely-tunable coherent receiver incorporating an optical phased-locked loop (OPLL) on two adjacent chips—a photonic IC and an electronic IC— is described. The design of both is novel, but the focus will be on the photonic IC in this paper. Results indicate a high degree of functionality. Digital coherent optical receivers have received a lot of(More)
—We demonstrate a Sampled Grating-Distributed Bragg Reflector (SG-DBR) laser offset locked at 6.5 GHz from a diode mode-locked laser comb using an integrated optical phase-locked loop (OPLL). Recently, highly-integrated optical phase-locked loops (OPLLs) have been demonstrated with 200-300 MHz loop bandwidths [1,2]. These OPLLs allow a tunable slave laser(More)
A monolithic 25 Gbaud DQPSK receiver based on delay interferometers and balanced detection has been designed and fabricated on the hybrid Si/InGaAs platform. The integrated 30 µm long InGaAs p-in photodetectors have a responsivity of 0.64 A/W at 1550 nm and a 3dB bandwidth higher than 25 GHz. The delay interferometer shows a delay time of 39.2 ps and an(More)
—A highly integrated optical phase-locked loop (OPLL) has been applied to stabilize the semiconductor laser wavelength for the first time. Preliminary results show that the slave laser is stably phase-locked to a reference laser within 2.2 K temperature fluctuation. Coherent fiber optic communication is receiving a lot of interest recently. [1] However,(More)