Hyun-Chan Lee

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A feature is a local shape of a product directly related to the manufacturing process. In the computer aided process planning, information on manufacturing is essential. To get the manufacturing related information from CAD data, features should be recognized. In this paper, we thoroughly investigate the composite features, which consist of interacting(More)
Presented in this paper is an algorithm to compute the intersections of a parametric regular surface with a set of parallel planes. Rather than using an ordinary surface-plane intersection algorithm repeatedly, we pre-process a surface to identify points, called topology transition points (TTP's), on the surface where the topologies of intersection curves(More)
Protein consists of a set of atoms. Given a protein, the molecular surface of the protein is defined with respect to a probe approximating a solvent molecule. This paper presents an efficient, as efficient as the realtime, algorithm to triangulate the blending surfaces which is the most critical subset of a molecular surface. For the quick evaluation of(More)
A recent article "Circumscribing a Convex Polygon by a Polygon of Fewer Sides with Minimal Area Addition" by Dori and Ben-Bassat, Comput. Vision Graph. Image Process. 24, 1983, 131-159, raised several interesting questions including the time complexity of their algorithm. In this paper, the time complexity on circumscribing an n-gon by an m-gon, where m <(More)
Because the notion of context effects the intelligent behavior of the humans, it is generally agreed that context-awareness should be simulated in computing systems to strengthen their capability to communicate, to behavior and to process information. Context-aware infrastructure is required to be capable of configuring appropriate context model and(More)