Hyun-Chan Lee

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Presented in this paper is an algorithm to compute the intersections of a parametric regular surface with a set of parallel planes. Rather than using an ordinary surface-plane intersection algorithm repeatedly, we pre-process a surface to identify points, called topology transition points (TTP's), on the surface where the topologies of intersection curves(More)
Social connection reduces the physiological reactivity to stressors, while social exclusion causes emotional distress. Stressful experiences in rats result in the facilitation of aversive memory and induction of anxiety. To determine the effect of social interaction, such as social connection, social exclusion and equality or inequality, on emotional change(More)
A feature is a local shape of a product directly related to the manufacturing process. In the computer aided process planning, information on manufacturing is essential. To get the manufacturing related information from CAD data, features should be recognized. In this paper, we thoroughly investigate the composite features, which consist of interacting(More)
Adolescence is a critical period for the initiation of tobacco use. Nicotine not only stimulates brain reward circuits to establish and maintain the tobacco smoking habit, but also produces aversive reactions to nicotine after initial exposure, due to its noxious properties. Although new insights into the mechanisms that regulate nicotine avoidance could(More)
It is very often necessary to search for similar parts during designing a new product because modifying existing similar parts is a commonly used way of creating new parts with ease. In this way, the design time and cost can be reduced. Thus it would be nice to have an efficient similarity comparison algorithm that can be used anytime in the design process.(More)
Prenatal nicotine exposure over an entire pregnancy has been associated with an increased prevalence of hyperactivity, anxiety-like behavior and depression-like behavior in mature rats. However, the effects of maternal nicotine exposure in late gestation and lactation on the psychology and behavior of adolescent rat offspring are unclear. Thus, we(More)