Hyun-Bae Lee

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A serpentine guard trace is proposed to reduce the peak far-end crosstalk voltage and the crosstalk induced timing jitter of parallel microstrip lines on printed circuit boards. The vertical sections of the serpentine guard increase the mutual capacitance without much changing the mutual inductance between the aggressor and victim lines. This reduces the(More)
Atopic dermatitis is known not to respond well to many clinical treatments. In this report, we present the case of an adult woman with atopic dermatitis who was effectively treated by using traditional Korean medicine (TKM). The patient was diagnosed with psoriasis based on lung dryness and heat and heart fire. The patient underwent acupuncture treatment(More)
In this paper, a multiturn absolute serial encoder is designed for a space limited application such as robots using magnetic sensor instead of optical encoder. It is developed by integrating the ultra small magnetic detecting technique, interpolation technique, and serial communication technique so that the sensor can have mimimum size. The usefulness of(More)
Surface morphology of aluminum thin films grown by metallorganic chemical vapor deposition has been improved by growing aluminum/titanium nitride multilayers. When the aluminum films were deposited continuously, the reflectance vs. deposition thickness curves showed a maximum reflectance at the completion of coalescence of islands, and then showed a gradual(More)
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