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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a group of pervasive developmental disorders with core symptoms such as sociability deficit, language impairment, and repetitive/restricted behaviors. Although worldwide prevalence of ASD has been increased continuously, therapeutic agents to ameliorate the core symptoms especially social deficits, are very limited. In this(More)
Three species of Nortamea concinua (NC) and Haliotis discus hannai (HDH) from Tongyeong and Sulculus diversicolor supertexta (SDS) are widely distributed on the coast of the Yellow Sea, southern sea and Jeju Island in the Korean Peninsula under the innate ecosystem. There is a need to understand the genetic traits and composition of three mollusk species in(More)
Cynomorium songaricum (CS) has been used in traditional Korean medicine in treating male impotence and sexual dysfunction. We investigated the effects of aqueous CS extract on the reproductive activity of golden hamsters whose spermatogenetic capacity is active in summer and inactive in winter. The animals were divided into 5 groups: long photoperiod (LP)(More)
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an immensely challenging developmental disorder characterized primarily by two core behavioral symptoms of social communication deficits and restricted/repetitive behaviors. Investigating the etiological process and identifying an appropriate therapeutic target remain as formidable challenges to overcome ASD due to numerous(More)
Scheduling in primary care is challenging because of the diversity of patient cases (acute versus chronic), mix of appointments (pre-scheduled versus same-day), and uncertain time spent with providers and non-provider staff (nurses/medical assistants). In this paper, we present an empirically driven stochastic integer programming model that schedules and(More)
  • Ho Jang, Sik, Cha Kim, Kyum, Jong Lee, Chool +6 others
  • 2008
In this study, the results of slope data obtained with a non-contact measuring method of aerial photography by using the photogrammetric system of RC helicopter without approaching the slope collapsed by sliding, first, the photogrammetric system of RC helicopter allowed mobility, accessibility, and hovering flight so it was possible to obtain images of the(More)
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