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— One of the most substantial ways to protect users' sensitive information is encryption. This paper is about the keyword index search system on encrypted documents. It has been thought that the search with errors over encrypted data is impossible because 1 bit difference over plaintexts may reduce to enormous bits difference over cyphertexts. We propose a(More)
The goal of intrusion detection systems(IDS) is to protect from the signs of security problems. However, since an IDS usually depends on the monitored data and has to identify an intruder, the running of IDS comes to threaten users' privacy. In this paper, we propose a new privacy preserving method in intrusion detection system by applying cryptographic(More)
This paper highlights the importance of the interoperability of the encrypted DB in terms of the characteristics of DB and efficient schemes. Although most prior researches have developed efficient algorithms under the provable security, they do not focus on the interoperability of the encrypted DB. In order to address this lack of practical aspects, we(More)
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